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The very first product produced by Invisible Truth is the Training Audio Course. This is the first step in your journey and you can combine this with the workbook.

If you’ve studied all the books, CDs, videos, and seminars on self-help and success and there is still something missing in your life, or you are not achieving the success you design, you have come to the right place.


It is possible to have the life of your dreams, if you know the principles of success. But knowing the principles is not enough. There’s one more crucial step, and without this step you will continue to struggle in life and in business. That’s where most programs let you down. It’s not your fault.

collage Invisible TruthIn the Invisible Truth, you will learn how to finally achieve the life you desire. Invisible Truth will empower you to:

  • Create massive financial abundance in any economy
  • Create long-term peace and happiness in your life
  • Create stronger and more effective relationships
  • Create a higher level of health and wellness in your life
  • Create whatever you desire and choose in abundance
  • Create the life you choose to have
  • Have a successful career or business
  • Have a happy, loving family
  • Have balance and contentment
  • Have a loving, fulfilling spouse or significant other

The strategies in Invisible Truth for taking your career, business, and relationships to their highest level have worked for hundreds of people and they can work for you too.

As a supplier to numerous networking companies and their distributors, I highly recommend Invisible Truth. This key tool supports personal growth and group growth for any company. This is on the ‘A’ list for business success, producing excellent results.

Nathan Cox, Sound Concepts

In This Life Changing Program, You Will Discover:

  • How the human mind really works and the key to why you may not already have the life you desire
  • Why what you’ve tried may only be working part of the time
  • How to stop manifesting the things you DO NOT CHOOSE
  • How to manifest anything and everything you DO CHOOSE
  • The 9 divine laws and principles of success and how to use them to create your ideal life
  • The keys to a balanced lifestyle
  • How to double or even triple your income
  • How to replace patterns of self-sabotage with patterns of self-fulfilling success

Invisible Truth has been life altering for me. It taught me how to align with and tap into the Divine Power, to which I attribute my ability to save a failing relationship and business, which have now both expanded exponentially by over 400%.

Donna M. Laurel, Indiana

  • How to breakthrough reoccurring resistance and move forward in your life with ease
  • How to have the long-term results that you are looking for
  • How your language influences the results in your life
  • How to create affirmations that really work
  • How to gain extreme self-confidence
  • How to change the natural human addiction to failure to an addiction to succeed
  • How to utilize little known techniques to achieve quantum performance results faster, more effectively, with less effort
  • And much, much more

Invisible Truth Will Guide You Step By Step

The Invisible Truth universal training series is a professionally narrated and masterfully produced collection of 8 audios in CD or instant access downloadable MP3 format. This 8 volume mastery contains over 6 hours of easy listening, guided, one on one teachings.

cd fan copy Invisible Truth

CDs 1-4 show you clearly, and in detail, explain the 9 laws and principles, to show you the correct and most effective way to move directed, controlled, organized energy in your favor.

CD 5 shows you how to make the laws and principles work for you for the positive, and also, how to move yourself from feeding the senses of the external body to feeding the senses of the internal soul and the unlimited manifestations it holds. This CD is powerful!!!

CD 6 shows you how to scientifically change your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the curator of your manifestations. It oversees the collection of materials that your conscious mind gives it, and shapes them into reality in your life. To recreate your world as you choose, you must give your subconscious mind new materials with which to create.

Your subconscious mind is continuously creating, automatically and habitually, every second, minute and hour of the day with the power of a supernatural, divine force. Correctly change your subconscious mind and unlimited abundance is yours. It does not matter what the circumstances, economy or anything else is, because this divine power allows you to recreate your life the way that you choose.

CD 7 shows you how Power Groups work from the inside out in the metaphysical form, a supernatural force that guides you to the actualization of the things that you choose. With Power Groups, everyone is equal, regardless of their position in life. The laws of Nature/Universe or God are the same for everyone. The laws show no favoritism.

Power Groups, done correctly, will tremendously accelerate, and exponentially multiply the abundance in your life, and in your home-based business. Move divine power in your favor and receive it all.

CD 8 shows you examples of life experiences and how to change them using the 9 laws and principles in Invisible Truth. You will learn how to recreate your situations by the examples given within CD 8. Knowing and following the laws and principles will give you unchallenged, continuous abundance in your life. Study, know and practice, and Invisible Truth will deliver a confident freedom.

For thirty-eight years I have had a private issue for which I have gone to counseling and sought solace through self-help books, all to no avail.

After taking a course called “Invisible Truth” I have been able to overcome the problems of the past and after six months have found myself being able to continue living without any reoccurrences, with more peace and happiness.

Thank you!

L.B. In Indiana

Limited Time Offer

The knowledge in this program and the power it will give you to drastically change your life are easily worth thousands of dollars or more, and that’s what you’ll pay for most programs, even ones that don’t have the proven track record of Invisible Truth.

We know Invisible Truth works. Our goal is to connect and work with a massive number of lives as quickly as possible, so we are offering the program at a very special price. We teach this course live for $1,997. Our recorded course ( 8 CD set) has sold on its own for $500.00. We decided it was very important to get it in the hands of more people and reduced it to $197. Today we have decided to bless as many lives around the world and offer the instant download for just $97.00, and the physical set for just $129.00!!! Please take advantage of this offer as we are not sure how long we will make it available. Our goal is to reach as many people and as fast as we can and just get the valuable and much needed information out to you. We ask that you please assist us in sharing this web site.

By consistently applying the principles learned in Invisible Truth it is possible to receive your initial investment back many times over.

Our gift for the first 500 people who are ready for a breakthrough and ready to take action is that we are offering the full Invisible Truth program at a ridiculously low price of $129. That’s right. Only $129.00 or just $97.00 for the Mp3 download, for knowledge that can provide you with  the information and  tools giving you the ability to learn to create  unlimited abundance and great relationships in your life when applying the principles daily. Hurry and tell everyone you know because this will move fast! Imagine studying Invisible Truth with all of your favorite people in your life. Imagine the changes that will occur as you learn the course together.

You’ll receive the Invisible Truth 8 CD Audio Program shipped to your door  for the super low price of $129.


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It took me 3 years to grow my business to the level it was at. After going through the Invisible Truth, I increased my business 50% within 30 days.

W.E.M. Sacramento, CA


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Our Iron Clad, 30-Day Guarantee. We’ll take every ounce of risk away from you. That’s how strongly we believe this training will help you succeed. Listen to the entire course.invisible truth guarantee Invisible Truth

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Take the next 30 days to use the materials here! Listen to all 8 CDs, at least once. And start manifesting abundance, great relationships and happiness. Learn how to use Directed, Organized Energy in your favor right NOW. Be sure to listen to the entire course – YES, ALL 8 CDs, and, after listening to all 8, if at any time during these next 30 days you decide it’s not for you, or you’re dissatisfied for any reason at all, let us know, and we’ll hand you back the cost of the course, no questions asked*…but you can keep the abundance and happiness it creates for you! That’s our personal promise to you.

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