Invisible Truth Book

Learn 9 Laws and Principles that hold the key to an amazing life as you learn to harness and direct your Personalized energy.

inv truth book Invisible Truth Book

Invisible Truth Book


What the law of attraction gurus never taught you…about the whys and hows of making the principles of creation work for you…every time. The answer is in the science of manifestation. Rediscover the 9 scientific and spiritual Laws and Principles that have never been combined in a way that is so easily understood! Discover how faith and science are not only integral to creation, they are totally interdependent!

The knowledge in this book and the power it will give you to dramatically change your life is easily worth thousands of dollars or more.

The Truth

Your subconscious mind is the curator of your manifestation. It oversees the collection of materials that your conscious mind gives it, and molds these materials into the reality of your outer and inner world. To create your world as you choose, you must give your subconscious mind new materials to create with!

How do I do that effectively? Find out in the book.

Which material should I choose and how is it delivered? Find out in the book.



Find out the one thing you should always do that will dramatically increase your ability to have wealth…find it throughout the entire book!

Words not to use and the results if you do…find it in Law and Principle #3, The Spoken Word…page 85.

Invisible Truth is not short-term motivation. It guides and teaches us long-term, effective, creation principles…based on the knowledge of quantum physics…in easily understandable terms. This is not about a short-term fix. This is about every second, minute and hour of every day for the rest of your life…and beyond….

Our goal is that you learn to move your energy in your favor and create the life that you choose beginning right now.

The book has a wealth of usable information you can apply…starting right now!

Order the book and begin your journey as you are part of bringing Invisible Truth to the New York Times best sellers list!

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