How to Find Peace

with Invisible Truth.

How to Find Peace…


How to Find Peace, for those of you who are asking “How do I find inner peace?” and “Where can I find peace?”

You have come to the right place. You have found Invisible Truth.


When you ask the question“How do I find inner peace?” you must Feed the Senses of Your Soul First.

You have your body which is external.

You also have your soul which is internal.

Most people will feed the senses of the external body first. They believe that by feeding the external senses they will receive peace and happiness.

This concept leaves many wondering…

how to find peace.

When you feed the body first, the external senses, you will have short-lived peace and happiness, and your internal senses will starve.

Your internal senses become numb and you become unaware or unconscious of the power of your God or the Universe in your life.

You close the door to that Invisible Truth that delivers manifestations of unlimited abundance.

You will continuously seek to fulfill the senses of the body, the external, to fill the void. And that peace and happiness you seek is temporary and fleeting. Following this path, you will ask where can I find peace?

Feeding the senses of the external body to obtain peace and happiness becomes an addiction at the cellular level. This addiction continues to starve the soul which develops negative results in your life.


When you feed the soul, the internal senses first, you will fill that void with long-term peace and happiness, and your external senses will be fed in the process as well.

Yes, you can have it all. Fulfilled senses, both internal and external, soul and body, and have it long-term with peace and happiness.

The one stipulation is that you have to feed your soul first.

When you feed your soul first you will see things in your life happen for the good at an accelerated rate. It is the difference in having a pedal bike versus a supped up dragster in a quarter mile drag race.

What would you like to have? It is your choice. Choose well. Choose positive. Choose to have it all.


The good news is that no matter how long you have been feeding the senses of your external body, or how deep of a hole that you have dug for yourself, you can begin to feed your soul and have that unlimited abundance in your life.

When you feed the external with pride, envy, grudge, anger, revenge, sloth, greed, gluttony, and more, I am sure you understand why these things and things like it are feeding the senses of your external body.

Feeding the senses of your external body first is self. That is you, by yourself, going through life, without the power of your God, the Universe, or nature’s dynamics working in your favor.

Follow the nine laws and principles contained within the Invisible Truth course correctly, and feed the senses of the soul first, and the ability to receive unlimited abundance is yours. You choose.

Now, how do you feed the soul first, the internal? How Do I Find Inner Peace?

You start by following the nine laws and principles outlined in the Invisible Truth course.

When you follow the nine laws and principles, you will be feeding your soul first, by default.

When you follow these great laws and principles correctly, the food of the external body turns into food for the internal soul.

Instead of pride you will have humility or you will be humble. You will realize that with the power of your God or the Universe, abundance will be greater in your life.

When these things happen, the Universe will open wide the gates of abundance. The high vibrating energy of the raging river of good will consume your life.

Humility, thankfulness or gratefulness, love, patience, forgiveness, a passion for high frequency, cheerful giving or generosity, self control, temperance, things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report.

These things feed the soul.

Meditation is something that also feeds the soul and shows us How to Find Peace. That inner stillness and complete peace that comes from meditation is that connection with your God or your being.

Do these things and you will feed the senses of the soul.

Remember, it takes just as much effort to think big as is it does to think small. The universe is unlimited and it is creating with the materials that you give it every second, minute, and hour of the day.

Think big!!! Find all of this information inside the Invisible Truth audio course and the Invisible Truth book.