Q:Are there biblical verses in the Invisible Truth Book?

Yes, there are. Specific ones are used to illustrate points, just as exact quotes are used to expound upon scientific analogies.

Q: What is the difference between the Invisible Truth 8 CD Audio Course and the Book?

The Invisible Truth Audio Series shows the interdependence, not the independence, of science and faith. Laced with biblical scripture, this series gives examples of how the teachings of the bible are directly related to the science of man, and the universe.

It brings people of faith a different understanding of science, and people of non-Christian faith, or no faith, an understanding of how the science of the universe is directly interpreted in religious teachings.

The Invisible Truth Book goes a step further, and is more in-depth. Though biblical scripture is used in the book, many different ideas are presented that empirically tie faith, philosophy, psychology and physics together.

If you believe in yourself, these teachings will galvanize your faith. If you don’t believe in yourself, these teachings will not only tell you why you should, but also give you specific instructions on how to create that faith.

Invisible Truth. You owe it to yourself.