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When any individual is asked what their personal goal is in life, the vast majority will answer…happiness. An elusive goal, that. We would like to present to you a concept that will help.

Broadening the new scope of the corporate environment we introduce to you the novel concept called Invisible Truth. We would like to take a moment to further introduce the concept, and show you why purchasing this book and this 8 CD audio course for your company employees works for each individual, as well as the company as a whole.

This is a perfect company gift that will pay big dividends in the long run. Be the corporate hero by bringing this concept to your firm…a new way to look at things.

Smart companies are realizing the importance of creating invigorating environments for employees. The top, leading edge companies are bringing in private coaches, adding flex time, allowing pets to accompany employees, and encouraging employees to decorate their work spaces with personal enhancements. The Invisible Truth Alliance takes these current thoughts a step further.

We have challenged the status quo by implementing systems that develop harder working, happier, and more potent employees. We will show you how to dramatically increase the bottom line, at a phenomenal cost/benefit growth ratio, by implementing an effective personal growth philosophy which is based on over a thousand scientific studies. Ninety percent of corporate success is based upon the level of personal growth and empowerment of individual employees.

We would like you to take the opportunity to give to your employees, peers and co-workers a beautiful and well presented book that will, if properly utilized, increase productivity and happiness within each individual who studies the concepts of Invisible Truth. By increasing the awareness and satisfaction of the individual, we assert that the company’s productivity, through heightened individual awareness and effort, will increase profit margins.

The concepts expounded upon are presented on a very personal level. By increasing the vision within one’s life, that individual begins to grasp, and achieve, the concept of “the team” and their importance to the team’s, and therefore, their own, success. Their individual effort expands as they begin to tie their individual success to that of the group.

Many proactive companies have begun to understand this concept and have gone as far as hiring “coaches” for the groups within their teams. A lot of the coaches in corporate settings are using some form of the concepts presented within Invisible Truth to focus both individual and team motivation. These tools help bring to the forefront what is truly being asked of the individual, the team, the group, and the company. By bringing the full set of these concepts to your corporate coach, you will see an enhanced motivation that will increase productivity and satisfaction dramatically.

If your firm does not have a coaching program, or is not of the size to efficiently install a coaching program, then this is the best way for individuals to work together in order to create a team co-efficiency.

This work is not about today. It isn’t about tomorrow. This work is about forever. As is evidenced by the growing discomfort of the working world, change is happening. Invisible Truth brings the individual concept to the corporate mentality, and in so doing, will change the mindset toward what is currently being perceived as “corporate greed.” Once each individual’s vision becomes clear, each person will begin to understand what role the corporation plays within that vision. As soon as the individual understands how the company actually works for them, their happiness therefore their productivity increases. This is a different mindset. It should not be thought of as a threat, or a challenge, to the “big bosses.” This should be thought of as the wave of the future. Because it is coming.

This philosophy does not give the answer. It allows the individual to understand the question. By understanding the question, uniformity of purpose becomes clear in a team setting. As the team prospers, so does the individual.

For a sample of both the Invisible Truth book as well as the 8 CD audio course please link into FREE ACCESS on the HOME page. The book is also currently available to view on Kindle in the reading library. Your company has the opportunity to be on the leading edge of the new mindset of corporate America.

Invisible Truth is available in large quantities. Invisible Truth coaches and trainers are available for lectures and speaking engagements. To find out more, call or email me.  I look forward to your response.


 Christina E. Wollebek-Smith

President, Invisible Truth Alliance