What Is Invisible Truth

Invisible Truth is a universal training that teaches anyone to harness the energy of the universe in a directed, organized, and controlled fashion. When applied correctly it works for everyone, whether they are faith or science based.

Invisible Truth reveals the divine power of the unseen world, based upon ancient philosophies, and thousands of hours of reading the results of published scientific studies in peer reviewed journals.

 What Is Invisible TruthEverything in the Universe is made of energy, including the air you breathe. The movement of energy is creation. Energy is moving every second minute and hour of the day. Therefore creation is happening every second, minute and hour of the day.

The laws of God and the laws of the universe are unchangeable. When followed correctly you will receive the unlimited abundance already waiting to be tapped into. Ninety-five to 99% of the time humans run their lives with random, compulsive, disorganized energy which creates dysfunctional realities.

Invisible Truth gives you a step by step method to move with directed, controlled, organized energy to obtain positive, abundant, precise realities in your life. It does not matter what your current situation is. There is nothing stronger than this divine power.

Change your life to the positive. Tap into the Invisible Truth and it shall set you free.

Listeners are buying multiple courses

The information in this course is so moving that after hearing this course, or part of this course, people are choosing to order multiple copies to give to others. Other than with books, this is the first time we have seen or heard of this phenomenon, of this magnitude, with any course.

People have shed tears of joy

This course has touched lives so deeply, with so many people, that they have called us with great joy and a renewed feeling of hope based upon the miracles they have received.miracles 300x198 What Is Invisible Truth


Divine laws or principles are the unchangeable laws or principles that work through, and with, the dynamic laws of nature. The divine laws or principles are invisible, yet, have predictable, scientifically measurable results.

It does not matter what your current circumstances are because nothing is more powerful than this unlimited source of abundance. All things are possible.

Requested worldwide before the course was completed

successJump What Is Invisible TruthWhile this course was being developed and recorded, we did a focus group with a small group of people. The information in this course touched the lives of the people in this group so profoundly that the information rapidly moved worldwide.

We became inundated with requests for the course and private training. The more private training that we did, the more the requests multiplied. When this was happening we did not have a website or other marketing besides word of mouth.

Learn how to:

  • Create massive financial abundance in any economy.
  • Create long-term happiness in your life.
  • Create stronger and more effective relationships.
  • Create a higher level of wellness in your life.
  • Create whatever you desire and choose in abundance.
  • Create the life you choose to have.

As of now Invisible Truth is the most effective life-success modification process I’ve seen.


  • Breakthrough reoccurring resistance and move forward in your life with ease.
  • Change the natural human addiction to failure to an addiction to succeed.
  • Use a metaphysical force to gain extreme self-confidence in you and in your children.
  • Transition from where you are to where you choose to be.
  • Utilize Power Group techniques to achieve quantum performance results faster, more effectively, and with less effort.
  • Gain the long-term results that you are looking for.
  • Replace patterns of self-sabotage with patterns of self-fulfilling success.
  • Tap into a scientifically proven, supernatural force of abundance.
  • Use science based, successful methodologies that reprogram your subconscious mind.
  • Correctly write, speak, and utilize successful affirmations that really work.
  • Produce electrical, brain activity changes that are both lasting and beneficial.

I have paid over $35,000 in self-help materials which represents kindergarten while the Invisible Truth course represents a doctorate degree. You get it all here in a deep level, yet easily understandable and usable format. Brilliant.

L.T. California

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