Invisible Truth Team

Christina E. Wollebek-Smith is the developer and producer of the concept of Invisible Truth. It is the compilation of work, designed by a team she gathered around a concept. The concept is that humans are capable of manifesting their own destiny. Whether they are faith or science based, people can LEARN to harness directed, organized energy ( D.O.E.) to tap into the unlimited abundance they desire.

Christina’s goal originated around the popularity, and reemergence, of the Laws of Attraction. She felt there was something missing. The question was formed amongst her associates: Are the Laws of Attraction real? Are there duplicable scientific studies available regarding this concept? If so, how do the Laws of Attraction relate to faith based philosophies, and how is that relationship backed up scripturally?

Since the I.T. project started, people began participating in many ways. Many have graciously chosen to “pay it forward” by volunteering. Read some of the testimonials here: TESTIMONIALS

Please meet some of the Invisible Truth Team and check back often as we are growing on a daily basis!

Marty Smith

Theresa Wyne

Tom Liotta

Donna Murray

Bill Muth



Randy Gonzales, Jr.

Jodi Guevara