How Did Invisible Truth Begin?

In 2006 a movie called The Secret was produced that reintroduced, in a popular way, the concept of the laws of attraction. The principles of the laws of attraction have been understood in their very basic form since the beginning of time. The movie’s reintroduction of the concept caused many in the world to sit up and take notice of this well known scientific principle. The movie stirred many discussions regarding this movie’s take on the laws of attraction.

something missing 300x225 How Did Invisible Truth Begin?As time passed it became apparent that, while some had great success using these teachings, many had no effect or it stopped after time. There was something missing. The question was formed amongst my associates: Are the Laws of Attraction real? Are there duplicable studies available regarding this concept? If so, how do the Laws of Attraction relate to faith based philosophies, and how is that relationship backed up scripturally?

At that point Christina Wollebek-Smith put together a team to begin studying what was known by both the scientific world and the world of religion. When the research began, and the production of Invisible Truth began, it was the research behind the science of the Laws of Attraction that came first. Hundreds, if not thousands, of papers have been produced regarding this subject. We narrowed our scope to those that were published in peer review magazines and journals. In other words, published works that were backed by independent empirical findings.

Simply put, the findings were as follows: Everything is made of energy. Energy is in constant motion. The molecular structure of energy is attracted to like-kind energy and repulsed by dissimilar energy. Energy can be directed in an organized way to gain predictable and measurable results. To the scientific world, this concept is a given.

Part of the research team began to look at the world of faith; the stacks of materials backing the ideas of positive energy began to crawl up the walls of Christina’s office and living room. Names like Einstein, Jung, Luther, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, and many others were skirting around that same subject. As energy, we attract to us that which we put out.

divine power 195x300 How Did Invisible Truth Begin?Coming from a culturally Christian background, it was easiest for us to find biblical scholars to become involved. A vast collection of biblical verses and interpretations were laid out. Discussions turned heated. However, when all put aside their “taught faith,” or “taught scientific discriminations,” a theme began to appear. Science was supporting that which religion had taught for thousands of years…or is that religion was supporting what science had taught for thousands of years?

We, as a group, began to get excited. The more research we did, the more matches were found. As if by divine source, the scientific, philosophical, and spiritual principles began to meld into saying the same things!

This seems so simple on its face. It boils down to the realization that we, as individuals, have a vast power. That power is called choice and understanding.

Once you understand the concept of energy movement and how it changes forms, things become a lot clearer.

It is out of these findings that the Nine Laws and Principles were formed. They are nothing more than a change of energy from what has already been known to a form which can be understood.

These lessons were put together in order for you to take your life energy, direct it, control it, and organize it to create predictable, laser precise results in your life.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (John 8:32, NIV)

Put the nine laws of Invisible Truth to work in your life today and learn to manifest anything and everything you want.

0 How Did Invisible Truth Begin?
I am thrilled for the success of “The Secret.” I think that the message needs to go further because I think the mistake that was made with “The Secret” is that they tried to be [they, I don't know who they are] that they tried to let that be the answer to all questions. It’s not, it’s just one law. The Law of Attraction is one law. There are many laws working in the world.”

Oprah Winfrey