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Christina Wollebek-Smith is the developer and producer of the concept of Invisible Truth. It is the compilation of the works of the team she gathered around a spiritual concept. The concept is that humans can manifest their own destiny; they can change its direction. Whether their beliefs are faith or science based, people can learn to harness directed, organized energy to tap into the unlimited abundance they desire. Religion and science concur.

Christina’s creation originated around the popularity and reemergence of the Laws of Attraction. She felt there was something missing. The questions were formed amongst her associates. Are the Laws of Attraction real? Are there duplicatable scientific studies available regarding this concept? If so, how do the Laws of Attraction relate to faith based philosophies, and how is that relationship backed up scripturally?

Though she directed the efforts in Invisible Truth, she is the first to tell you that these ideas and concepts are not new. They have been around since the beginning of time. Having always treaded an enthralling and adventurous path through her life, Christina knew the importance of answering these pertinent questions. She learned and experienced a vast variety of teachings and trainings through the years and knew that there was a way to bring everything together that would inspire people, and create lasting results.

Christina was born in Oslo, Norway. Her family immigrated to the United States when she was three. They settled in the Pacific Northwest. Now she is the proud mother of two amazing children who reside in the same area.

Growing up, she had a passion for music and was always singing. She began performing in bands as a teen. She excelled at playing the guitar and piano, also, at composing melodies and lyrics. Her experience took her to Southern California where she continued to learn. She developed a career making and producing her own music.

She enjoyed moderate success as a musician with her own band and worked at a popular recording studio which exposed her to very successful and well known talent. Later, with her extensive experience in the field, she began her own production company doing voice over work, writing jingles and producing short documentaries for corporations.

Home called and she moved back to the northwest. Her entrepreneurial spirit evolved. She then became a publisher, working with Cascade Communications to publish Northwest Profiles Magazine. While still working with the magazine, she also partnered in the establishment of a construction company that has become one of the preeminent companies within its specialty.

The path that Christina chose was then drastically changed by health issues. There wasn’t much that traditional allopathic (modern) medicine could do with her particular ailment. This led her to researching natural means to address her health concerns. Through the years she has traveled all over the world to find solutions which entailed going through many procedures for her issues.

She became aware of the wide-open universe of potentials in the world of natural health. She became driven to improve her own health and wealth (to afford the solutions), and along the way found a natural avenue to assist others with gaining both health and prosperity. She discovered that many people were looking for answers, and they were open to learning. Christina became an advocate for teaching others to live in the space of faith, and not of fear.

During her ventures through the world of natural medicine, she established Copious Health, Inc. What the company actually became was a focal point for the vast array of different modalities of the various disciplines in the field. She developed the ground work, and a basic system to follow, around the philosophy of “Remove-Replenish-Restore.” The vast and varied experiences in her world led her to begin the research that brought her to this day, and to the work that you now find in front of you, Invisible Truth.

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Self Discovery

The “self-discovery” in her world began at a very young age, under the tutelage of a much older brother of a best friend. Combining the concentration of the Peace and Love movement, and her desire to figure out what this all meant, she started a journey of discovery that has led down some fertile paths. Christina, along with a friend, literally hit the road with pennies in her pocket and began hitch-hiking around the states…literally leaving behind the trappings of their childhood to embrace the full magnitude of the 60s. The 60s began the “me” and the Peace and Love generation. With it came the beginnings of the age of self-help and self-discovery.

Says Christina, “The 70s were a time of learning as well, and not all of it good. I married at 17 and divorced. The early 80s saw me at Werner Erhardt EST trainings. I don’t remember much of that stuff outside of the fact that it was quite liberating. I found freedom from within, and found that I was not a puppet, but rather, I controlled my own life.

Around the late 80s I met Tony Robbins and attended his first world record breaking 42 foot ‘firewalk’ and Neuro-Code Specialist (which later became NLP) seminar in Texas. It was a real eye opener for me. Many of the things he taught at that course stay with me today. ‘If I can’t, I must. If I must, I will.’ is almost a mantra with me now.

I have been through full Context International (the Pursuit of Excellence series) training as well as Millionaire Mind training with T. Harv Eker. These are but a few of my experiences. All of these and many other learning experiences were very valuable, but none of them put it all together. There were still many questions unresolved. What I have seen and been through were my stepping stones.”

Come with her as she brings to light the Nine Laws and Principles of Invisible Truth. Unlock your truth. Unlock your greatest self. Start today.